Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Great High Road Across Stone Cloud

Cut from the living stone of the island's namesake massif, the Great High Road has been a trade route in ages of reason, and the site of Stone Cloud's most powerful apparitions during ages of mysticism.  Our traveler sees this place at the terminator between reason and mysticism.  Soon, glasprites will be seen with regularity, capering and marching across the ancient stone blocks and through the fragmented hallways.  What was saved from the libraries of the previous age recorded sensations that defied description and left travelers of the road entranced while glasprites gathered about them.  Some were said to have never moved again from their reverie, becoming encased in living stone.  It is a treacherous path for a student of reason, as zealous mystics seek a more favored audience with these avatars of Stone Cloud; once legendary, then scientific curiosities, and now very real portents of civilization's turning.


Vornag said...

Always psyched to see more Stone Cloud.

Jason Scheier said...

amazing man!